Bigfoot Experts or just Bigfoot Know it Alls

  Sometimes I have to wonder if some people really know what they are talking about with some of the things I hear or read them stating about certain subjects especially when it comes to bigfoot and other cryptids. I always see at least one and sometimes more who seem to have an answer for everything and act like they are the ultimate authority on the subject of conversation. Well my answer to that is bullshit. Let me explain my thoughts on this.

  When I hear people call themselves an expert I kinda of shutter because there are no experts at this time on bigfoot. There are many people who are very knowledgeable and experienced but even the most knowledgeable and experienced of them are still no expert. We are all students of the subject regardless of what we have experienced or what we know. It doesn’t matter which camp you prescribe too( flesh and blood or paranormal) and what you have experienced or interpreted in your respected way, you are still not an expert. There are always things waiting to be learned.

  The truth is even with a well known and studied subject like say a mouse for example is still being studied till this day and many new things are being learned about them all the time. So to say that you are an expert about something that has never even been proven to exist is just ridiculous. The problem is I hear people calling themselves experts all the time. If you say you know everything there is to know about bigfoot and can not show me anything proving what you say you know other than a couple of links to websites then that means nothing to me other than a curious yet questionable resource. I read all the current news and keep up with all of that as well but I also do realise that not everything is true regardless of its source,(whether it be a scientific journal or what ever, it still has its place to be questioned.)

  So when I hear someone call themselves an expert what I hear is “I am a know it all looking for attention.” Those are just my thoughts on this.


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