Were We Are Going Wrong

One recurring idea that seems to be floating around a lot is that bigfoot type creatures are a paranormal kind of entity. Many swear they are and many swear they are not and the debates seem to usually escalade into heated arguments. Personally I am very doubtful that they are anything more then flash and blood creatures myself, but that is just my opinion and I base that on observation and logical assumptions. I will be the first to admit I may be wrong because I really do not know. The truth is that no one really knows. I can say I have experienced things that I could not understand but I make the assumption that there has to be a biological cause for such things even as strange as they may appear to us. Here is an example I like to use. Say for instance a squirrel hunter sees a squirrel  a tree and that squirrel sees him and moves to the other side of the tree out of sight. That squirrel did not disappear it is simply hiding. This is a common attribute of wild animals  living in a wild environment. They know their environment because it is their home and often times their instinct to hide and knowing it and knowing how to hide in it is essential to their survival. So in a sense if bigfoot is living in an area and wants to hide it could be very good at doing so. Now this is my opinion on this and nothing more. If bigfoot type creatures are indeed some sort of paranormal entity then I am wrong but I am also doubtful of that being the case. Though doubtful and knowing for sure are very much two different things. The truth is none of will ever know for sure the true nature of anything until it is proven real itself. Many of us know they are real from our own experiences, myself included, but what we know and what we can prove are again not the same thing. We need to do our best as several teams working together as one sharing information freely without arguing about who is right and who is wrong and all of these other silly debates in order to make this happen successfully.  We have support from science now finally with the DNA studies being conducted by Drs. Ketchum and Sykes  as well as many others in academia who are on our side. With the work being done by these individuals and the work we do in the field we are sure to be on the verge of success very soon I would like to think. I do believe it will take all the work of both the scientists as well as us researchers in the field to build the most functional base for this all to work out for the common goal. For this to happen we all need to work together as a team instead of against each other for individual goals. Everyone has a job to do in this whether you are a scientist, field researcher or someone who just looks at videos and pictures on your computer and has never set foot in the field, everyone has their place and job to do. One major problem I see is people tend to take their place and often times themselves way too seriously not realizing that this is actually a hamper on success. I see people putting again preconceived bios on certain videos and pictures that are placed out there for fair examination. Sadly in many cases they are hoaxes but to dismiss it as a hoax when it very well may be real simply because it just doesn’t fit a preconvieved notion is not the proper way to evaluate the evidence being presented. We all need to be a team assisting each other without preconvieved bios instead of all the childishness I generally see with arguments over nothing. If we want to get the real truth out there then we need to work together and stop telling each other that I’m right your wrong all in the name of personal ego.

Brandon Garrett


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