Living Dinosaurs in Texas

   Is it true that maybe, just maybe there are still dinosaurs alive today in parts of the world? It sounds kind of ridiculous to some but to others it is plain fact. Iv been interested in the living dinosaur phenomenon for some time but never really delved too deeply into it till recently. I started doing some web searches on the subject and have discovered a lot of interesting stories. We all know about the ropen in Papua New Guinea, and mokele-mbembe in the Congo, as well as the most famous of them all Miss Nessy herself in Scotland along with her many cousins taking up residents in so many other lakes around the world. Well Im not going to really dwell on all of these. My focus is more local, as in Texas where I live and most of my research is centered.

   I am going to make clear right now that none of theses stories are in any way my own research, and I am not going to write them out in my own words. These are stories that I found quite interesting researched and written by others and all I am going to do is copy the website links so anyone else who might find this subject interesting as well can easily find and read them.

   I hope y’all find these links as interesting as I did.


I hope ya’ll find these links and stories as interesting as I did. My thanks to the authors who did this research and wrote these articles. Gives me a few more things to go looking for.

Brandon Garrett


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