The problem with Hoaxes

  I was just looking at recent photos and videos that various people are posting on Youtube and the like. I do this from time to time in hopes there might be a good one to study for my own research and from time to time I find things that are useful and have validity, the problem is on avarage out of ten I look at I might find one or two that were not a total waste of my time and I actualy have the potentiol to use in research. It usualy seems that minus that one or two the rest are either obvious hoaxes, parodies poking fun of the subject or potentiol hoaxes.

  Hoaxes are a major problem to us researches who take this subject seriously and work hard researching sightings and spend countless hours in the field collecting evedence and information. We work so hard because we have no other choice but to do so. We dont have the time to be looking at fake evedence. Most fakes are typically easy to spot early on but there are some that realy require careful study. The problem here is that when these are put out there for others to look at and your claiming them as evedence and they are not it makes us all look bad.

  Cryptozoology in general and bigfoot research already take too many scoffs and chuckles as it is and we do not need any more if we are ever going to be taken seriously before one is captured or shot.  I have no doubt it wont be long before it happens and alot of people will be eating their words but until that time comes we need to do serious research and stop puting things out there that a hoaxed. It doesnt matter if you believe or dont believe, I for one know for a fact that they are real living breathing creatures and with all the real true evedence that has been collected including eyewitnesses that should be enough to prove their exsistance but unfortunetly its not.

  So please for the sake of science do not hoax or fake evedence. Taking the fake photographs and making fake videos is hurting us rather then helping us.