Can We Relate To Bigfoot

    I often wonder while scouting trails if there is any possible way we could actually relate to bigfoot on a psychological level. My guess is probably no. I would love to be able to do so but lifestyle differences itself shows it would be highly unlikely if not impossible.  We can take information gathered to make educated guesses as to certain behaviors, reactions, and sometimes anticipate movements with occasional somewhat accuracy, yet as for certainty there is no possible way. Us like many others researching little known species must rely as much on luck as on our collective knowledge. 

    In order for us to be able to fully relate to them we would have to live their life in their world from birth.  That being said, no matter what yours or mine woodland knowledge or experience has been it still is not enough. We can only work on speculation and luck at this point. There is nothing else.

    Personally I suspect they are very near to us on the human scale, most likely relic human ancestors that have survived without going extinct like science tells us they did. I could be wrong here but it makes the most sense to me at this point. So if we are to fully understand them and get into their brains we have to look at what is known about our human ancestors, what is known about ourselves, and what is known about living apes. This might seem disrespectful to some who believe they are humans and I mean no disrespect what so ever but the truth is human or not they still live primitively not modernly. This is something people have to understand. A ape lives in the wild and bigfoot lives in the wild. A ape lives and survives in the wild partially by living by what would be considered primitive means. Chimpanzees for instance live almost a hunter gatherer lifestyle. It could be in some ways considered very similar to the lifestyle many human ancestors are thought to have lived. I f you take what is known collectively by many bigfoot researchers and what is known about many ape species then there is an obvious parallel there.

    Us modern humans live in our apartments, houses and so forth, many of us still hunt game and even gather wild edibles when need be. The major difference here is we as a society rely more on cultivated plants and farm raised animals in most instances. Cultivation can be and ,rightfully has been considered the mother of culture and civilition. Yet that is our culture and civilization as modern humans, we can not mistake them for us. This is something I see too often. What we consider culture to us they may may not. This is something we have to take into consideration. We can not say they are uncivilized simply because they don’t live by our rules and on the flip side we can not say they are either simply because they resemble humans in appearance, partial behavior, and some ways intellect. This is simply not possible because we can not fully know their mind. All we can really do is speculate based on reports and if lucky enough then also observation,  unless one of us out there was raised  by them from birth and grew up in their ways. So far I have yet to find anyone of credibility who has done this.