When it comes to trying to figure out why bigfoot type creature are so elusive things can get pretty complex and quite confusing. There are many different opinions and theories out there about it. Some make a lot of sense while others can be a little out there.

I have been asked many times about my thoughts on the subject so I am going to attempt to explain my thoughts here. I do not think it has anything to do with a conscious want to avoid humans but rather instead a subconscious need to do so, more like an instinct.

We are talking about something that lives in the wild as a wild animal does and is going to utilize the same terrain and environment that any other wild animal in the same environment would do and in the same respective way to survive.

Regardless of your personal beliefs about these creatures we call bigfoot and their origins there are several constants that need to be recognized in the reports.

1) They are always in or close to cover

2) They camouflage them selves very effectively blending in with the environment

3) They can move fast and quietly when they seem to want to do so

These characteristics are the same with many other animals living in the forests of the world as well as many of the indigenous people also inhabiting the forests of the world. These characteristics are methods to survive.

In prey animals you will see a general instinct to avoid the predator and in predators you see the general hunting instinct to stay hidden from the prey. The rabbit that avoids being eaten by the bobcat has the potential to live the longest and the bobcat that avoids detection by the rabbits it is hunting eats more rabbits raising its potential to survive longer as well. This is also true in human hunters as well, the same principles apply and the same natural instincts are involved. Many of techniques used are learned by the young and passed down or taught by the parent but the instinct to survive is always there.


Brandon Garrett