Just Some Rambling and Thoughts

So what elements can constitute as typical bigfoot behavior? Well there is really no clear answer to this question because the variables seem to out way the constants in so many ways. Much too many things need to be taken into consideration like habitat, climate, type, and so forth.

     Let us consider first what we do know as the constants and start from there.

Known constants

1) hairy

2) muscular

3) omnivore

4) curious

5) mimicry


Now these are things widely debated but do seem to regular constants or if you will near constants. Aspects we can generally rely on in most if not all cases. Now comes the hard part, trying to figure out where these constants or near constants correspond to the variables.

Region and variety seem to be the key aspects here and often with much overlap leading to much more confusion. Whether you subscribe to the PG film or not really has no relevance in the behavior aspects from region to region as far as I am concerned so please no comments on it lol. What I personally am looking at are the collective data of eyewitnesses.

When considering the fact that almost every culture around the world has legends of the same kind of creature with some variation in behavior and appearance we have to look deeper into the constants mentioned above to find the correlation between them all. Whether or not they are the same species, subspecies, or different species all together is yet to be determined. My money is on different species but that is only my opinion at this point until more data is presented in a scientific and reputable manner.

It is no secret that many animals of the same species will often adapt to its environment to survive. There have been many well studied and documented cases of this world wide as well. So we know that environment and habitat play a major role in the lives of these animals. Survival of Fittest as Charles Darwin would say. Whether you accept Darwin evolution or not really is not the question, as for myself I am a devout and strict Christian, but the truth is Charles Darwin was on the right track on many things and we do have to give him his credits because there have been many things including even medicines that might not have been discovered if it was not for that naturalist on the Beagle.

But yea back to Bigfoot, lets not get off track here lol.

Regardless of your region and what your local name for these creature is, whether it be bigfoot or sasquatch, or any of the many local names in the USA, of Yerin in China, Alma in Russia, Kapre in many parts of South East Asia, Yowie in Australia and so forth the same is still the same and the differences are still the differences, these things can not be denied.

Now let us talk about behavior. Here in my south east part of the great nation of Texas, and yes I know Texas is a state but my Texas brothers and sisters know what I mean lol. Any way what is mostly little known is the fact that most sightings here are sightings like any other place with their individual circumstances but many encounters are actually quite aggressive, and this goes also with other states in the south. Why this is only speculation still at this point and I am not going to state my opinion on it yet.

As far as hunting habits go we know that these creatures usually hunt as a group of three or more individuals separated by some distance to each other, fifty yards or more, out of sight of each other but still within earshot of each other. Feral hogs seem to be the prime prey source followed by deer. Aggressive behavior is the norm with a sense of curiosity. Curiosity is a sign of intelligence which along with other things myself and others have witnessed leads me to suspect a high intelligence in these creatures, with some less intelligent as well. One can kind of expect the intelligence level with the same fluctuation as in human to human and all other animals as well. I can use this example my mothers dog Abby is a black lab and extremely smart but very aggressive, my dog Peaches is of the breed New Foundland and being a large breed is dumber than a wet sock but the sweetest most loving dog iv ever seen, really she is just a big cuddle monster and everyone’s friend. The same is true it seems with bigfoot, each individual is different with varying degrees of intelligence and differing personalities.

So how can we put this into perspective? Well we really cant to any sence of sureness but used as a model of bases we can get a better understanding and have a basic model to work with.