The Opposing Perspectives


Who is right and who is wrong? Maybe both are right and both are wrong. What I can say for certain is when considering the arguments and often times down right fights over differing views when it comes to bigfoot. It would appear that there are as many opinions on the subject as there are people talking about the subject. Most often on certain social media sites and forums. 

The problem with this is not one of these people truly knows, it is all their own opinions based on their ideas and beliefs. In fact no one at this point truly knows.  There is nothing wrong with believing in any certain way, that is your own choice. The problem arises when people allow their personal beliefs to affect their evaluation of the evidence and then proceed to fight with others about it with the premise that I am right and you are wrong because I believe this way and you believe another way. 

The fact that one believes one way, whether it be a religious belief, a scientific based belief, a philosophic belief, or whatever should make no real difference in the end. The over all discussion needs to be based on what the evidence suggests to each person reviewing it with out any bias based on these personal beliefs. When there is a bias based on personal belief everything will tend to lean towards the supporting of that belief. It should not matter if each person agrees or not on what the evidence suggests to them because with no bias there would be much more collaboration of what the evidence suggests. With an open minded collaboration much more can be accomplished.

If we are to reach a goal that I think most are wanting to reach by what they claim by studying this subject then this would be a beneficial step in that direction. After all bias is eliminated and a careful examination done.


Brandon Garrett